MPC JobEval / PRO offer

MPC JobEval is a highly customizable computerized tool that allows you to 1) easily create exhaustive job descriptions containing each position’s key activities, skills and responsibilities, 2) classify all of the positions of your organization in a fair and coherent way and 3) build up your company’s compensation system by outlining the applicable salary ranges.

Immediate gains

  • Well-structured and up-to-date job descriptions
  • An objective identification of all relatively over- or underpaid jobs
  • Anticipation of the budget impact of any variation at all organizational levels

Available products


Responsibility and competency framework:


- Job descriptions

Resource allocation and planning:


- Pay structure design

- Payroll management


The platform allows for the compartmentalization of information among same-level entities (departments / subsidiaries).


Job description / evaluation process

  1. Adaptation of the software to the organization (organizational chart / criteria / weightings)
  2. Adaptation of the interface (logo / wording / translations)
  3. Training of the administrators to the independent use of the software
  4. Upload of the data (filling in of the job description / evaluation questionnaires)
  5. Generation of the job description outputs
  6. Generation of the job evaluation outputs (hierarchization according to job values)
  7. Support in the implementation of the new pay policy (optional)

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