The START account offers you an immediate access to our platform

This offer provides you with autonomous access to a wide range of online professional tests:

  • Instantaneous subscription and access to the platform's basic functionalities
  • Transmission of access links by e-mail and real-time follow-up of assessment processes
  • No training requirements / Access to graphical results only

Clear commitments for a high level of quality

  • Statistical validation of all assessment tools
  • Switzerland based servers – respect of the federal Law on Data Protection (LDP)
  • Access to detailed results limited to duly trained customers

You may request a PRO account at any time in order to gain access all the outputs, products and functionalities of the platform.


Subscribe online and gain immediate access to assessment tools that are statistically validated on the jobs market.

MPC Testing

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Use all the potentialities of the Jobosphere platform, by gaining access to and command of our advanced tools and functionalities.

MPC Testing

MPC Survey

MPC JobEval

Create your own online assessment platform in support of your internal and external HR marketing.

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