The PRO account gives you access to all the potentialities of our platform

  • Access to all MPC products and to the platform's advanced functionalities
  • Analysis of the results for a group of candidates / respondents
  • Creation of tailor-made reference profiles / Comparison with targeted benchmarks

A customizable access to your organization's data

  • Compartmentalized access to the data among departments / subsidiaries
  • Access to all the results of subordinated entities for the top management
  • Possibility to place collective orders or to invoice each unit separately

A 3-day training program (command of the platform's key functionalities / introduction to the interpretation of test results) is compulsory for all PRO account owners. The pricing terms are presented in the course of the first contact.


Subscribe online and gain immediate access to assessment tools that are statistically validated on the jobs market.

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Use all the potentialities of the Jobosphere platform, by gaining access to and command of our advanced tools and functionalities.

MPC Testing

MPC Survey

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Create your own online assessment platform in support of your internal and external HR marketing.

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